Interview Coaching on YOUR Schedule

Hi! I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I coach people globally on interviewing and job search. The skills needed to find a job are different than the skills needed to do a job. Interviewing is one of those skills and too few people do it well. Why?

Professional athletes and entertainers practice and rehearse until performing is second nature. Job hunters, on the other hand, show up to an interview and just start talking. Then they wonder why they don’t get hired.

With this coaching platform, you can practice and be supported by a strong community AND me. Plus, you’ll have access to the right answers to common questions so you can aim at the right target. Best of all, you can practice 24x7 (except for any excuses you put in the way that might interfere with your practice!) By practicing and making mistakes here, you will head off making costly mistakes that keep you from getting the opportunity you want.

Coaching when & where you need it

You won't have to schedule time with a coach, or pay full price for one. As one of my Riveter clients, you'll be able to practice interviewing anywhere and on your time. 

Riveter is a video interview practice tool I use to give my clients more training for their interviews. I'll assign you questions, you'll practice your answers, and I'll give you feedback - all on one platform.

No scheduling hassles, no cookie-cutter advice, no high costs. Customized, affordable, on your-time coaching.

Not a bad answer for your first attempt! You had great eye contact and a very emotive voice. I can really feel your passion.

Here's what I want you to try - tell this answer as more of a story and less of a list of accomplishments. Go deeper into that time you closed a big deal and give me the details. That will help this answer stand out in the interviewer's mind.



Jeff Altman

Still have questions? Here are some FAQs.

How much does this coaching cost?

This package costs $99. Compared to the $300/hour I typically charge for one on one coaching, I'm proud to say you'll get over 3 hours of value for the cost of a 20 minute session.

How is it customized to me?

When you join, I'll ask you for a copy of your resume and a job description. I'll customize questions for you to practice that you're likely to receive in your interview. I'll also watch your practice answers and give you feedback so you can ace the next interview.

I have an interview coming up really soon. Will this help me?

That's exactly what this was designed to do! Instead of waiting a week to schedule an available mock interview slot on a coach's busy calendar, you can start practicing 3 minutes from now.

What if I have additional questions?

If you have questions about Riveter or how this program works, you can email me at I'm always available to answer your questions.

What if I'm unhappy? Is this refundable?

I offer a 48 hour grace period for a full refund. Don't like what you see? You'll get a full refund, no questions asked.

Read some reviews from my other clients

“Jeff assisted me as I reentered the work force after a year of non compete. He assisted me in organizing my networking for employing social media as well as advising me on career direction strategies, including resume construction and interview prep. Overall a tremendous help!” 

“Jeff is a real pro at career coaching. I’ve personally recommended him to many close friends and colleagues. He coached me during a transition, was great at interview preparation but also available on short notice during every critical juncture. Jeff also listened to what I said…and had the experience to get what I didn’t say, helping me through sometimes complex negotiations. He had my immediate respect – he brings so much valuable experience to his work. Hire Jeff. He’ll make a real difference at every step.” 

“It is hard to find a career/life coach like Jeff. He is always ready to have candid conversations and most importantly he is a seasoned coach who understands the global corporate recruitment dynamics.Jeff listened and carefully helped me identify subtle changes that helped me to break through a job opportunity I was interviewing for in Europe. The real game changer was that he knew how to provide directional feedback in realtime coaching throughout the entire process from the initial conversations all the way to in depth interviews with the senior leaders. Working with Jeff was an incredibly valuable experience and he will continue to be my first go-to person throughout my career.” 

- Consultant

- Head of Strategy

- Global Senior Director of Marketing

Ready to start interview training?

Nailing your next interview - and getting a job even 1 week sooner - could bring you over $1,000 more in income.

Normally, 1 hour with a coach can cost you over $300.

Here, you're going to get over 3+ hours of training, customized coaching, feedback on your interview style...and a full refund if you're unhappy...for just $99.

Let's get you this job offer.